New game engine released into production.

Screen from Track Racing Incentive GameAs some of you may be aware by now we have just release our latest game engine into the wild.  The first game to use the engine is our Tracking Racing Championship game.

The new game engine is a chance to motivate your staff with a fun racing mechanic rather than the previous chance based system that was used for Treasure Island, Battleships etc.  The game works more like a traditional circuit based board game.  Once a team member has accrued enough credits to take their turn they can roll a dice and watch their car be moved around the track. As with all our existing games, players are also given the opportunity to win spot prizes.

To win the game, the players need to travel the furthest around the track before the incentive is finished.  Users can check their progress by looking at the race leaderboard.  You can choose whether you want to motivate your staff by just using spot prizes, or if there is a big reward for finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race.

The new game engine has opened up the door to many circuit based games that we are now designing.


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