New game is odds-on to be a success

With the tragic news that 2 horses were put down in this years’ Grand National, Incentive-maker can announce that no horses we harmed in the making of our new Horse Racing Challenge incentive.

Companies can use this motivational game to reward their employees for a hitting their sales targets or for just saying thank you for a job well done. Employees each get a horse, and when staff meet your company’s objectives, they get the opportunity to move their horse along the track with the chance to win random spot prizes and milestone fixed rewards.

This new game engine that powers the Horse Racing Challenge is a great alternative to traditional paper-based leaderboards often used in sales and call centre environments.

We’ve posted a sneak-peak of the design below, which will be added to the growing library of online staff incentives and will be available from incentive-Maker in the coming weeks.

Horse Racing Game

Horse Racing Challenge

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